Terrace board from a thermowood


A terrace board from a thermowood is a board which is processed at a temperature above its burning. Such processing allows to change the molecular composition and improve its natural properties of resistance to environmental influences. After heat treatment, the tree is not afraid of temperature drops, it does not crack under the action of sunlight, does not absorb moisture and is resistant to fungus.

The main advantages of a terrace board from a thermowood:

• Natural and еcological рurity

• Refinement

• Color change throughout thickness

• Non-slip surface

• High density


• Resistant to mold and fungus

The terrace board from a thermowood is recommended to be used for the territory near the pool, loggias, terraces, balconies and other open spaces.

Terrace board consists from a single layer of thermo oak or thermo ash.

The board has a raised surface and ventilation groove.

Available without coating.

Width: 120 mm

Thickness: 20 mm

Length: 600−1600 mm

Chamfer: 2,5 mm

Grade: mix

Bracing: hidden

Surface: fluted

Extra processing: optional (oil-wax coating)


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