CHEVRON are planks of a two-layer parquet or solid floor board of the same length, which have an oblique edge cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

CHEVRON is made in the form of a solid floor board from oak or ash with a thickness of 22 mm or a two-layer parquet board, which is produced by gluing 3,6 mm oak lamella and birch plywood with increased moisture resistance of WBP СР / С class 12 mm. For gluing the lamellas to the plywood base, a one-component moisture resistance glue Kiilto D 4000 made in Finland for gluing on hot press up to 90 C degrees. Plywood is constructed of sheets of wood (called veneers) glued together, with each layer laid with the grain running at right angles to the next layer. The multi-layer structure of inter-perpendicular veneer sheets avoids the internal stress of fibers, and therefore, deformation and the formation of cracks.

CHEVRON is sold uncoated and coated.

Coating: oil-wask, lacquer

Width: 120/140/160

Thickness: 15 mm or 22 mm

Length: 710/800/1000 mm

Chamfer: 4-V

Spike groove

Extra processing: optional (brashing)


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