Oak shield


The furniture board from oak from the company SVS-INVEST is made of ecologically pure material!

Application area:

Wooden oak boards are the strongest. Stairs, furniture or interior elements made of this wood will decorate any house for many years. If you want to buy a furniture board from oak, then we are ready to offer you a large selection of boards of various thicknesses and sizes. Due to its ecological and aesthetic properties, this material is indispensable in the production of furniture (kitchen furniture, bedrooms, hallways, etc.) and in the manufacture of various decorative elements of the interior.


Buy a spliced shield — then make an absolutely right choice. Today such a product is firmly gaining popularity and is becoming more and more in demand. The furniture shield is a first-class product made from oak wood, which has a wide range of applications and excellent performance properties.


The furniture board has a lot of advantages. The main advantage of the shield is that it combines all the characteristics of natural wood, which means that it has an ecological safety and aesthetic surface texture. Among other advantages of a furniture shield it is possible to allocate the following:

Affordable price;

Durability and impeccable quality;

No distortion and deformation of the product during operation;

Convenience and ease of processing;

Stable dimensions

Product quality guarantee. Control at all stages of production — manufacturing, transportation, storage!


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