Solid wood flooring


Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring has immense resilience and lasting qualities for a lifetime. It is a unique natural ecological wood product. Its natural texture and quality can not be reproduced by any other flooring type. Choosing SVS-INVEST oak solid wood flooring for your bedroom, lounge, kitchen, hallway or bathroom will give you a high quality result and satisfaction.

State of the art (high quality) technology and a skilled work force will guarantee you a high quality end product.

We deliver our high quality solid wood flooring to commercial and residential costumers. Please call SVS-INVEST for more information about the international deliveries.

The classic beauty of a parquet flooring reflects the very best of flooring techniques and has proven its value in time.

In the modern interpretation, the massive board is equipped with a lock connection «tongue and groove», which ensures a reliable, smooth fit of wooden dice to each other and rapid laying of the floor. Each board is made from a single piece of wood, so a massive board is rightly considered the most natural type of parquet floors.

The solid wood planks of TM Tsargrad is made of high quality solid oak wood, has a high class of erasure, which is achieved thanks to 22 mm thickness of the board. For the production of the floorplank, Select, Natur, Rustik wood types are used. In our collection there is a solid wood with a width of 100 to 140 mm. This variation in size allows you to design different objects on the area and purpose.


Colors and textures


Recommendations for laying

parquet flooring installation

Store parquet boards on a level and dry base with the packages intact. Parquet boards should be stored under conditions equivalent to those in which they are to be laid for at least 48 hours before installation. In new buildings the rooms to be floored must be adequately heated and ventilated to reduce structural moisture. The relative humidity of the air in the room during storage and installation must be 35 — 60% and the temperature 18 — 24 °C. When the floor is in use, too, it is desirable for the humidity and temperature to correspond to the installation conditions.

Laying of a massive parquet is carried out exclusively at the final stage of repair in the room. This is the only way to minimize the risk of damage or deformation of the floor covering. This means that all work on the installation of the floor from a massive board should be started after the doors, windows, the floor have been prepared, the walls have been leveled, all the wet work has been completed. It is highly desirable that the plaster, concrete, paint should dry thoroughly.

Substrate preparation

Laying a solid parquet is carried out on the floor of plywood. Plywood should be sanded with a drum or tape machine, leveling the differences between the sheets in such a way that the gap between the 2 meter ruler and the floor surface does not exceed 2 mm.

Laying a solid parquet

In order for the board not to undergo warping in the future, it must be laid on especially strong glue compounds — two-component adhesives on polyurethane or epoxy-polyurethane basis. Apply glue with a notched trowel. A solid parquet is glued to the plywood on the glue, and then fixed by a nail or a screw at an angle of 45 °. In this case, the number of nails / screws does not matter, since the main function of fastening is glue.

After installation, solid parquet is not recommended to be used for three days. If such a need arises, one should cover the floor an organolite or a thick cardboard.

Recommendations for laying a solid parquet

Between the walls and the board should leave a compensation gap of 10−15 mm, otherwise with increasing humidity the parquet will expand and rests against the wall, and on him its will be formed tubercles.

If the massive parquet is joined to the tile, the connection must occur through the cork compensator or the transition threshold. Cork compensator will help to lay flooring on one level and in the future will not allow critical changes in the linear dimensions of the massive board.

In the process of laying a lacquered massive parquet, care must be taken to ensure that there are no adhesive residues on its surface. In case of accidental contact, the glue must be immediately wiped off from the decorative surface.


Additional Information

Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring

Any material selected for home construction is chosen because of some intrinsic values and wood flooring has the following benefits.

Natural and authentic. Solid Wood Flooring is hypoallergenic; it does not give off dust or retain it. It is easy to maintain, resistance to wear, and its insulation and acoustic benefits and natural qualities make the home warm and welcoming for people.

No adulteration. You are sure of getting 100% good quality for the wood origin you chose. It brings opportunity to achieve 100% design when handled by skilled personnel who understand what is needed to create a perfect design.

Our Solid oak wood flooring 100% Environmentally friendly. Using timber for flooring contributes to the good and safety of the environment. Your home is free of toxic chemicals, and you can live in health from time to time without fear of hazard for the materials use.

You will enjoy a high-quality parquet floor for many years, as a long lifespan and a high stability of value are characteristics of parquet. With the appropriate cleaning and care products a wooden floor will keep keeps its beauty for a long time.

Quite the contrary, it even develops its very own patina and many say that a parquet floor becomes even more appealing over the years.

And even if it does become necessary at some point, parquet is the only floor covering that can be renovated and sanded, which is why parquet is a real store of value for the home.



Solid wood flooring

Name of the goodsWoodwidth, mmlength, mmthickness, mmGrade
Solid flooringoak22140600natur
Solid flooringoak22140800natur
Solid flooringoak22140600rustik
Solid flooringoak22140800rustik
Solid flooringoak221401000natur
Solid flooringoak221401000rustik

Grading specifications SVS-INVEST:

NATUR Without sapwood on the face, a slight discoloration of the natural low-contrast, bright knots up to 40 mm, dark knots up to 20 mm with repair, repair holes up to 10 mm, crack repairs to 50*1 mm

RUSTIK Without sapwood on the face, natural and contrasting color change subpairs (Brown), healthy knots and repairs. Without limitation, plastered holes, cracks repair.


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