Oak lamella


Lamellas is a high-quality, expensive veneer from different types of wood, produced by planing or sawing a solid wood mass. Thickness can vary from 1 to 10 mm. The price for sawn veneer is quite high due to a significant loss of timber. Lamellas is an indispensable material in the furniture industry, the production of floor coverings, as well as the manufacture of stringed musical instruments.

For the manufacture of lamellas, only high-grade, well-dried wood is used in our production, so our lamellas are beautiful, durable, they have a noble, natural oak texture and impeccable quality!


Colors and textures

Компания СВС-ИНВЕСТ производит высококачественные ламели из древесины дуба и ясеня.

Сортность ЛАМЕЛИ (А-F) — согласно спецификации производства


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