Carved decor for furniture


TM «TsargraD» also designs and manufactures carved decorative woodwork and accessories for furniture and stairs.

The production of wooden furniture and furniture components is carried out by 3D milling from hard wood, such as oak and ash. According to your sketches and drawings, on modern equipment with CNC, we can produce any components for the manufacture and decoration of furniture carved.

Wooden furniture with carvings in the home decor is deservedly considered a sign of good taste and emphasizes the status of the owner. This is facilitated by the fact that natural wood always looks elegant and luxurious, and 3D milling, followed by manual refinement, turns products into real works of art that become the highlight of the interior.

Samples of our works presented in our showroom will surely please even the most demanding customer, as they are made with excellent artistic taste, meticulous execution and high quality.




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